Established 2010

 Established 2010

Texas Patriots Tea Party Mission

We, the People of Texas, Inc.,d.b.a.Texas Patriots Tea Party [TPTP] was formed in July of 2010 by a group of veteran Tea Party activists.  We are based in the Burleson, TX area. We are citizens, like you, who have decided to quit complaining about the direction of our current government and do something about it.  

Our Bylaws state: The purpose of this organization is to encourage, promote and educate voters and potential voters with regard to the United States Constitution and the founding principles of the United States of America. The TPTP advocates limited government (federal, state and local), fiscal responsibility, personal responsibility, the rule of law, and our national sovereignty in order to further the common good and to promote the general welfare in the State of Texas and the United States of America. We are not against the role of government, but we are concerned about its violation of the fundamental principles upon which the United States was founded:

  •  Constitutional Republic - Not a Democracy! 
  • Limited Government [Federal, State AND Local]- Not a nanny state
  • Fiscal Responsibility - Spending is the problem, it can't be the solution too;
  •  [no bail-outs, pay your bills, no foolish deficit spending or pork]
  • Personal Responsibility - A government big enough to give all you want is big enough to take all you have; responsibility with the blessings of unalienable rights endowed by our Creator.
  • National Sovereignty- A country that is safe from foreign and domestic threats
  • Lower Taxes
  • The Rule of Law


 Our Positions:

1.  AGAINST the U.S. Congress RAISING the Debt Limit.

2.  AGAINST the Wasteful Spending by U.S. Congress.

3.  FAVORS a Balanced Budget Amendment.

4.  FAVORS an Article V Convention of States to propose Amendments to impose fiscal restraints on the Federal Government, limit the power and jurisdiction of the Federal Government and limit the terms of office for its officials

5.  AGAINST Obamacare and believes it should be repealed by Congress.

Come and join us  We meet the 4th Tuesday of the month at the United Cooperative Services, Burleson Branch, 2601 S. Burleson Blvd, Burleson, Texas 76028, which is the UCS Burleson Branch located on the southeast corner of I.H. 35W and Bethesda Road, Exit 32 off of I.H. 35W, or write to us at Texas Patriots Tea Party, PO Box 561, Burleson, TX 76097. 

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